Principal Investigator specializes in surveillance operations, the collection of covert / overt video and other evidence for use in legal proceedings. He has 19 years’ experience specializing in insurance / disability compensation claim video surveillance operations to assist organizations in combating fraud.

Principal Investigator is a Senior Investigator, on several investigative teams, for multiple agencies conducting surveillance and background investigations, providing litigation support, and investigative / security and risk management services, as a Consultant, an Employee and as an Independent Contractor.

Principal Investigator has an extended contract role, as an Investigator / Enhanced Security / Security Manager / Team Lead for ongoing projects with a leading edge Security and Risk Management Firm specializing in investigation and security operations for high-profile industry and government Clients.

Principal Investigator works as a Private Investigator, a Private Security Contractor, a Debt Collection Agent / Bailiff, and as a Process Server. Current operations include ongoing insurance video surveillance and litigation support assignments, a labour dispute operation and a government / corporation joint venture construction security project.

Principal Investigator began his career in 1994 as a Skip Tracer. He specialized in litigation support services, conducting investigative research and background investigations for investigation agencies, law firms, banks, finance companies, debt buyers, and collection bailiff agencies eventually managing a skip-tracing business.

In 2001, Principal Investigator obtained a Private Investigator’s license from the Security Programs Division of the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General and formed MISSING LINK SERVICES LTD., a Private Investigation and Security Services firm, licensed under the Security Services Act and Regulations of British Columbia.

Principal Investigator is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), has 29 years of investigative experience, is a member of many investigative and security teams / networks , has several industry licenses / certifications, and has completed thousands of assignments.