“Private Investigator”

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“Private investigator” means a person who, for consideration, seeks or obtains information about any of the following:

(a) crimes, offencescontraventions or misconduct, or allegations of crimesoffencescontraventions or misconduct;

(b) the activitiescharacter or repute of a person or organization;

(c) the whereabouts of a person;

(d) the locationdisposition or recovery of lost, stolen or missing property;

(e) the cause of or the responsibility for any fireaccident or incident in which damage to property or injury to any person has occurred;

Private investigation is a diverse profession that requires a depth of knowledge and skill. Private investigators work in many different areas: from insurance fraud and corporate crime to missing persons and executive protection. Our private investigators are equipped with the skills, strategies and experience to ensure successful outcomes for our clients.

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